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About Us

Meet your guide, tour leader and tour operator

Your guide

My name is Natalie, born and raised in the Flemish part of Belgium. Ever since our early family holidays, I caught the travel bug and wanted to explore countries around the world. But exploring wasn’t enough anymore after a while. In my 20s and early 30s, I lived, studied and worked in Spain, Australia, the USA and Peru. Until I was finally ready to return home in early 2018 with a husband and a baby in tow. My passion then became showing visitors what Belgium has to offer.

An expert guide

Besides a traveler, I’m also an avid lifelong learner who has never stopped studying. While my last degree was specifically to become a tour leader and guide in Belgium, my previous studies have been as important in my development as a guide and tourism professional: a Master of Arts in Germanic Languages and Cultures, a Master of Journalism, an Advanced Postgraduate Master in International Political Studies and a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies. 

I’ve worked in academics and non-profit organisations but for me, my major accomplishment is founding Alternative Peru, a small travel operator focusing on sustainable and social impact tours off-the-beaten-path, while I was living there with my Peruvian husband. 

Our Mission

Plain and simple, to give you the best possible and personalised experience and show you what I love about my homecountry. Not just the famous sights, but also the hidden gems off the beaten path.

From a private walking tour in Bruges, Ghent, Brussels or Antwerp to full-day road trips to castles, monuments, battlefields and picturesque villages and historic towns. But also tailor-made itineraries of several days or weeks with or without accommodation and guide. Around a specific theme, such as World War I or II or Belgian food, or focusing on a specific area. Always a combination of highlights and hidden gems and a local experience.

Anything is possible and I’d love to hear your preferences and interests!